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April 23, 2015
Minnesota Lawyer
Institute for Justice maintains a full-court press
The Institute for Justice came to Minnesota 10 years ago and started winning lawsuits — and winning...   More

April 21, 2015
When licensing becomes government overreach
Kentucky hairdressers and barbers are literally working overtime to get us all ready for Derby...   More

April 17, 2015
Washington Post
Stay in the know with IJ’s Short Circuit
The Institute for Justice has created a free weekly case alert service for those interested in knowing...   More

April 16, 2015
Veteran Loses Over $60,000 to Police, Despite Lack of Criminal Charges
Mark Brewer is a decorated Air Force veteran who fought in the global war on terror. But last month, he became a casualty in the drug war...   More

April 16, 2015
This Land
Horse Teeth and Heartbreak
Elbow deep inside the jaws of a stallion, Edye Lucas closes her eyes as her fingers explore...   More

April 15, 2015
Des Moines Register
Grassley: Seizure program being abused, needs overhaul
Some law enforcement officials are seizing assets and using them for their own benefit in a conflict of interest that Congress...   More

April 15, 2015
Washington Post
Grassley clashes with police association over controversial asset seizures
Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) clashed with a national law enforcement organization on...   More

April 14, 2015
Lowell Sun
Caswell to talk evils of civil forfeiture before U.S. Senate panel
Two years after the owners of the Motel Caswell won their battle against the federal government to save their business...   More

April 14, 2015
Think Progress
New Mexico Is The Second State To Ban Police From Seizing Innocent People’s Property
Last week, New Mexico became the second state to ban the practice of civil asset forfeiture...   More

April 14, 2015
Washington Post
Uncle Sam may have picked the wrong cash cow
Randy Sowers always expected the government to show up one day and ask where all the cash he was depositing at his bank...   More